Sunday, July 15, 2007

Movie Editing


When I had to fill out a jury duty questionaire they asked if there was any limiting condition that would make me unfit to serve.

I was tempted to say, "I fall asleep during long spells of talking." Instead of a doctor, I thought I could call on the pastor to corroborate.

This is why I would be a prime movie editor. I don't just fall asleep during slow-moving movies that depend on lots of talking. I fall asleep during any movie that doesn't move along smartly. Just last night I fell asleep during "Live Free or Die Hard"--AT THE THEATER, WITH ALL THE SUPER-ENHANCED SOUND. The action scene--yes, the ACTION SCENE--just dragged on. Somebody needs to tell movie makers that gunshots and loud noises don't keep a movie from being boring.

There are bad movies that are well-crafted, and good movies that could seriously use my unique editing sense.

Titanic, now: I thought the dialogue was trite--in fact, the whole plot was nothing new--but it was VERY well made. I watched it late at night, at home (TV after 9 p.m. is guaranteed to put me out)--and stayed awake the whole time. I didn't even like it that much! But it was extremely well-crafted.

I fell asleep several times during "Independence Day", which is a movie I actually like, now that I've seen the whole thing. Good movie, could use some editing. Most movies could.

Best movie ever (I mean English language, I've seen very few foreign films) was "Anatomy of a Murder." Low key, plenty of humor--had me riveted. Not from suspense--just because it had no dry spots.

NOW: Let's talk about the MPAA.

Last night, the previews that showed before "Die Hard" were all rated "G" by the MPAA.

Did they actually have their eyes open when they rated these trailers??? One was for a buddy movie that included hookers dancing around in spangled negligees (or less), with the men making predictable comments. Two trailers had more gunshots, explosions and deaths crammed into their short spans than many of the hour-long TV shows that are rated too violent. What's up with that?

I think the MPAA needs to wake up and watch the trailers. Or at least admit that the trailers aren't rated "G." It's fine to show them at the "Die Hard"-type movies--just admit that they're for grown-ups.