Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Can the Harassment Only Go One Way?

April 25, 2012

A German athlete was tired of being stalked on Facebook by a guy who sent her obscene e-mails; so she posted his name and e-mail address on her page. Now SHE may be in trouble for violating Germany’s laws about not publishing info.

Hey, the guy wanted attention—he got it. Case closed, as far as I’m concerned.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's Up with the Cosmos?

April 26, 2012

Hey, in the same week I found a pair of jeans and a bathing suit that don’t look horrible or send my self-esteem plummeting.

In related news, the sun announced today that it will start rising in the west.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Won't Be Living Off the Land

April 18, 2012

I saw an announcement about a hiking club, so I went to the meeting last night. I was hoping to get info on close and easy hikes (no backpacker, I). Instead, I heard a hilarious presentation by a guy who decided to hike a hundred miles from Boise to the Sawtooth Mountains.

The idea was to live off the land as much as possible, with a few backup supplies just in case. 

The audience was such an experienced group of outdoor-types that every time he put a picture on the screen of some plant he and his friend had foraged and eaten, at least one person could identify it. 

I correctly named—the thistle! 

I guess it’s a start.