Thursday, October 8, 2015

What's Nice about St. Louis

October 8, 2015

OK, now I feel bad. In my last post (“Finding the Right Gimmick”) I mentioned that St. Louis has a LOT of shootings. But actually, there’s quite a bit nice about this area.

·         The Muny has fantastic musicals in the summer.
·         Most of the museums are free, along with the Zoo.
·         Nice parks. I’ve spent many happy hours in parks and museums since I got here.
·         The library system is a little short on books written prior to 1980 (which drives me crazy!), BUT: It offers free classes, movies, all kinds of activities for any age, and free online tutorials from the LYNDA system about any computer knowledge you could possibly need. I could find something to do at the library every day, from Yoga classes to cooking classes, with plenty of business help as well. In fact, I’m a St. Louis library junkie.

And that’s just the stuff I’ve done so far. Am still exploring, and still enjoying myself.

Finding the Right Gimmick

October 8, 2015

I heard on the radio yesterday that some company is selling sets of fall leaves from New England for $19.99. My first thought, of course, was, “Why can’t I ever come up with some cool yet inexpensive gimmick that will make me a fortune?”

My second thought was that I’d have a hard time finding something to sell from St. Louis. Since I’m new to the area, my only contenders so far are river water and (judging by local news reports) shell casings.