Monday, February 23, 2015

Whose Voice Is It?

February 20, 2015

The question has come up a few times lately, about why God doesn't just tell you what He wants you to do. A lot of people would be willing to at least try doing God’s will, if they knew what it was.

“Well, if He tells you what to do, it's not free will,” someone says. Sure it is: You don't have to do it. Look at Solomon. God was very specific about what He wanted Solomon to do. Solomon chose to bend the rules—Free Will. God smacked him back soundly for it, but He didn't stop Solomon from making the mistake in the first place.

Sometimes you do get pretty drastic pointers—Job loss or other catastrophe leading to a lifestyle change—but I prefer to stay away from those.

We have some general guidelines (“Do unto others…” etc.), but sometimes they’re not enough for life’s decisions: Do I change jobs, do I move, is this the right time for blah, blah, blah…

We’ve all tried listening for that “still, small voice” (1 Kings), but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the still, small voice, and the voice in your head.

So I say, “Spit it out, Sir.” No promises, but I’ll at least give it a shot.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Male Perspective

February 12, 2015

With Fifty Shades of Grey being so popular with women, are their husbands weirded out, 

or are they rubbing their hands together, thinking, "Wow!"?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A New Motto

February 12, 2015

I’ve been out with friends a couple of times when we’ve taken up table space for long periods of time, but not really bought a lot of food. I leave large tips in these cases, to make up for what the waitress is not getting in tips from customers who might actually spend more.
The last time I did it, I thought that it really is kind of a good motto for improving the health of both body and soul:

 Eat little, tip big.



Monday, February 16, 2015

Not Just For Prima Donnas

February 16, 2015

I have a friend who is getting run ragged by his job. I keep thinking, “If he’s the only one who can do this work, he’s more valuable, not less, so why aren’t they treating him better?”

I think he needs an agent. And why not? Movie stars and writers have them, and they presumably know the ropes by the time they make the big time. So why do they need agents? Shouldn’t they just be able to say, “You need me, you pay me what I want.” But they have people who do the negotiating for them.

Regular people, on the other hand, are supposed to not only do their jobs well, but be good at negotiating their salaries and benefits. If they're not, they're viewed as having weaker business skills, no matter how good they are at their jobs.

Why? Why can’t we have agents, too?

I would volunteer to be an agent, but the only time I ever won a negotiation was a time when I had PMS and wasn’t taking any guff from anybody. So right now he and his family are at the top of my prayer list instead.

No offense to the Good Lord, but having an agent sounds way cooler.