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Department Store Online Surveys

May 9, 2010

Hobby Lobby, please, please take a lesson from Target on how to handle returns.


When I took my purchases out of the Kohl's bag today, there was a slip asking me to participate in a Customer Service survey.

Without much hope I logged on to see if I could actually provide some useful feedback. Of course, I couldn't. There was the standard set of questions, none of which addressed the problem with the store.

I wanted to say, "I work at a retailer down the street from your store, and you would be very distressed at how many times I hear, "I was in Kohl's, but got out of line because it was moving too slowly, and came here instead."

Wouldn't you want to hear that? I would. That is something I would definitely want to fix.

Other survey answers I would love to give

I would tell Target:

"Enough with the Red Cards already! Your interest rates are too high, your rewards are too few, and people are too credit savvy to sign up for more credit cards with only the promise of a 10% discount!" I would further suggest that, since they do popcorn so much better than the movie theaters, they should take over the movie theater concessions. If they still have their hearts set on pushing Red Cards, they can offer a 15% (NOT 10%) discount on concessions. That's a fast, instant reward that people can relate to!

(In fact, I did actually write to their corporate headquarters with that one. Got a very nice response, too. But they're still pushing the Red Cards, and I don't see their popcorn in any movie theaters.)

I would also advise Target that, although the clothes in the stores are very attractive, they don't really fit anybody. I suspect that that's one reason that their sales numbers keep tanking. Invite Mossimo and Mizrahai (sp.?) to use real women as their models. It's not just me. A woman I know who has the tall, slender figure beloved of fashion designers says the clothes don't fit her, either. But boy, do they look nice on the rack!

If the Target designers would keep their beautiful designs, yet let their clothes have the fit of Penney's St. John's Bay line, they'd clean up.

I would ask Wal Mart why they persist in having only 2 non-express lines open in stores where they encourage you to do ALL your shopping. How many people do their weekly grocery shopping, plus clothing, toys, and hardware, and have 20 or fewer items? And yet...

So either make your surveys worthwhile, or skip them. You're just wasting paper and annoying people.

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