Friday, March 4, 2011

Concerned Parent or Meathead?

March 4, 2011

To the parents in Wisconsin who called teachers "Glorified baby sitters" and said that they deserve minimum wage:

Here's something for you to try:

Over summer break, sit your child down for a day and try to teach him something—anything: Division; the use of the conditional clause; the importance of Chancellorsville; Newton's Laws of Motion...

And they have to GET it; you can't just rattle the stuff off, make the child repeat it, and call it a day.

Then see if you appreciate the "glorified baby sitters" a little bit more.

We've all had at least one bad teacher. But if they were all bad, where would you be today? Not reading, not writing, not balancing the checkbook, but possibly getting stiffed on your wages because you wouldn't know if you were being paid the right amount or not.

Yes, we need to find a way to weed out teachers who are not in the right profession (to put it mildly). But don't refer to all teachers as "babysitters". Or someone might refer to you as a raving loon.

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