Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make Up Your Own Joke for This One

October 3, 2011

OK, this one is so weird that I don’t even have to work on the phrasing. Make up your own joke:

BSU got in trouble with the NCAA for various recruiting infractions, such as letting recruits come early to Boise for practices (before dorms were open) and sleep on sofas or floors instead of making them stay in hotel rooms at their own expense. For these and similarly serious infractions, BSU was penalized, to the point of being able to offer fewer athletic scholarships for three years and forfeiting some spring practices for three years.

From what I understand (although this is not making sense to me, so I could be wrong), if the kids couldn’t afford hotel rooms, they weren’t supposed to come early, since you’re not supposed to provide expensive perks to the players. Total benefits received by all the students involved? $4,934, which the players have repaid and donated to a local charity, the school said.

Too bad the kids couldn’t have earned their keep by fetching water and chopping wood, like in the old days. Then they could have worked off those expensive perks—floor and sofa space, and rides to and from practice.

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