Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Radio Days

January 17,2012

Part 1:

A DJ read us this interesting tidbit during a recent broadcast:

A study showed that colors can influence how we operate. Red makes you pay more attention to detail, blue enhances creativity, etc.

What she didn't say, was red what—clothes, ink, paper, wall color…

I need more details.

Part 2:

Lots of radio stations have teams of DJ's in the morning—supposedly a comedy duo.

But on several of these broadcasts, it seems like one does all the lines, and the other one laughs. So when I read that a broadcasting company was filing Chapter 11, naturally I thought of one way they could save money: Get rid of the faithful sidekick, who laughs annoyingly.

(Also, in my opinion, the person delivering the lines isn't usually funny, either; but apparently other people disagree, because it's a fairly common radio practice. But if they DO need to cut back...)

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