Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Curious

1) People are mad because Idaho didn’t pass a law against texting. One columnist said that he knows how his kids text and it terrifies him. I wrote in and asked if that meant that he knew his kids were texting while driving; if so, why didn’t he take either the car keys or the cell phone away until they got the message that texting while driving is a huge no-no?

But I was over the Statesman's letter limit (one per month)and it didn’t get published. I also predicted he’d get a lot more letters asking the same question, but I was wrong. Apparently I was the only person who even asked.

2) Truth in Advertising: If military recruiting ads had the same guidelines as pharmaceutical ads, would they run something like this?

After the spiel about being all you can be, or offering to pay for your education, they might end with, “Service with the military may cause physical or mental impairment or death…” or at the least, “After military service, mind and/or body may not function at pre-service levels.”

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