Thursday, February 2, 2012

Calling The Mentalist

February 2, 2012

Students reported the actions of Mark Berndt, a teacher whose classroom behavior was so disgusting that you’ll have to read about it for yourself, to school officials. The counselor interviewed the girls and concluded that they were making up stories; and there things rested from 1991 until 2010, when a photo lab technician called police about pictures that Berndt had dropped off to be developed. So for an additional 20 years, this guy had access to students.

Being a teacher is a scary thing. Students can say things and ruin your reputation unjustly, costing you your livelihood and possibly sending you to jail.

Being a student is a scary thing, because people can abuse you and you might not be believed if you report it.

Being a counselor is a scary thing, because how do you know who’s telling the truth? Students’ safety and teachers’ reputations depend on you.

Too bad each state school system can’t have a real-life Mentalist, like fictional Patrick Jane, who would be terrific at reading people and know who’s telling the truth and who isn’t.

Are there any out-of-work fake psychics who would like to apply for the job?

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