Saturday, November 10, 2012

They Just Happened to Have Some Handy...

November 10, 2012

I try to keep this blog light, but some things just SCREAM to be addressed:

Parents in Kashmir poured acid on their 15-year-old daughter because she looked at boys. Then let her suffer overnight before they took her to the doctor. (She was just a girl; disposable; less important than the family honor; so her death would mean nothing. And somehow they watched her suffer, while they apparently felt nothing.)

I checked to see if the father was in a profession where sulfuric acid was necessary for the job. He was a housepainter.

While the dad beat the girl, the mother got the acid to pour over her.

Do people in other parts of the world commonly keep sulfuric acid handy around the house? (And maybe they do. I don't know what it might be used for, but maybe they have stubborn drain clogs.)

Or did these parents have it just for this contingency?

Was this premeditated murder?

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