Saturday, April 18, 2015

Choose Your Poison

April 18, 2015

Contradicting a study done in 2008, which found that people who have big bellies in their 40s are much more likely to get Alzheimer’s or dementia in their 70s, a new study, done with a much larger sample of people (2 million vs. 6,000 in the 2008 study) has found that people who are very obese have a 29 percent lower risk of becoming forgetful or confused, and of showing other signs of senility.
Of course, you’re more likely to have a stroke or a heart attack or get diabetes, or have other health issues. So I guess it depends on how you want to go.
But never, ever forget my advice: If you don’t like what this study is telling you, wait until the next one. It will likely contradict everything you’ve just been told.

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