Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Do They Do That? (Part 1)

June 29, 2015

Yesterday at a Folk Festival I saw lots of pretty dresses for sale that I could only dream of wearing. Then, looking around me, I envied all the women who wear what they want to without worrying about how they look.

If the mantra for real estate is “Location, location, location,” the mantra for fashion is “Attitude, attitude, attitude.” Even women in unflattering clothes look good if they have the right attitude.

(Well, most of the time. I distinctly remember one co-worker...However.)

I was especially fascinated by the woman who wore snow-white capris, and didn’t even hesitate to sit on the dirty picnic table bench. I can’t even wear white to church without getting messy, let alone on a picnic. Amazing.

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Peg said...

Well, a year later, I actually wore white pants to work, to the park, and to dinner, and came home unscathed. Either I'm getting the good karma, or I'm growing up. I suppose it's never too late, whichever it is.