Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TV Turf

December 30, 2015

On NBC’s “Chicago Fire” the firefighters deal with all kinds of emergencies, from rescuing people in burning buildings to removing a tanker of explosive gas from the highway before it goes up. They also rescue people who are trapped in their cars after wrecks.

So I was amused to see an episode of CBS’s “Code Black” in which the doctors of hospitals from all over the LA gather to work at a massive traffic accident. They work to the point of exhaustion, fetching and carrying patients, doing triage, all these doctors, all with no support. Two of the doctors face an agonizing decision about whether to work on Patient A, in the triage tent, or spend valuable time trying to get Patient B out of her wrecked car so they can save her. In the end, having spent lots of time that they don’t have, they jury-rig some improbable method and get the woman out of the car.

Not a firefighter in sight.

Do firefighters not help out in LA, or just not on doctor shows?

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