Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bless His Heart!

February 27, 2016

Archbishop Robert Carlson is holding a prayer service for victims of abuse: sexual, emotional, physical, or verbal.

Big of him, considering how he obstructed investigations into sexual abuse by clergymen. Maybe he's had a change of heart.

Bishop C. also wants local churches to sever ties with the Girl Scouts, on the grounds that they promote Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem as role models, and teach girls about birth control and abortion. 

If that's true, things have sure changed a lot since I was in Brownies!

His FAQ site had the question, “Does this mean I shouldn't buy Girl Scout Cookies?” I wondered if anybody really asked that. It’s a frightening thought.

Anyway, Bishop C.’s response was that the girls selling the cookies shouldn't be approached on the subject. “This conversation should remain among adults.”

Thanks, Bishop, for discouraging the Faithful from scolding little girls selling cookies. I appreciate your restraint.

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