Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Restless Minds

January 29, 2016

Since I run in place a lot, someone commented on my “nervous energy.” I told her that it’s not nervous energy—it’s my primary form of exercise, as otherwise my idea of a rigorous workout is reaching from the armchair to the bookcase.

I was reminded of that exchange the day I saw the article on making fancy Superbowl snacks. Someone put mini footballs on deviled eggs; and a figure of a football player in the home-made caramel corn; and they made some mushroom snacks, and a bunch of other stuff. Whatever happened to chips with Velveeta dip, to be mindlessly eaten while people were yelling at the screen? Does anybody really appreciate well-crafted Superbowl snacks?

I think that making fancy snacks for the Superbowl is a symptom of nervous mental energy. Like the thousand ways of making decorative placecards for your Thanksgiving table out of pine boughs or little turkey figures; or braiding plastic bags into rugs. But nobody ever calls it “nervous mental energy”; they call it “creativity.” And they write articles lauding this behavior, and encouraging other people to engage in it!

You say “Creativity”; I say “Restless minds.”


Peg said...

I guess Dagwood and Herb agree with me about the Superbowl snacks. I can't get the link to show here, but check out today's "Blondie" comic (Feb 7, 2016).

Vicky said...

Sometimes creative people have to "outcool" each other. Although my rational self agrees that the nifty snacks may be a waste of time, the other part of me is secretly impressed that people actually think up this stuff and then execute it. Same with rugs made from bags.