Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Big Miracle

May 14, 2016

Last June I wrote in “Small Miracles” that I had gotten my dream job in Boise, and that I hoped I could do it again in St. Louis, but without waiting a year.

Well, it did take almost a year, but I did get a job with great hours, good pay, and a not-horrible commute. Considering that it came from a job that had long hours and, due to the starting and ending time, a horrible commute, it’s even more of a miracle.

I did some negotiating for it (and that’s another story); but if I hadn’t gotten that job with those particular people, it wouldn’t have happened that way. And I suspect that the Lord would have arranged it all nicely without any help from me, but He knew I wanted to feel like I was actually shaping my life instead of taking whatever I was handed. I guess He knew I needed a win.

So, Thanks, Lord. You came through for me again.

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