Friday, July 15, 2016

The Versatile Stones

May 17, 2016

I never really paid attention to The Rolling Stones when I was growing up. But I’ve found them to be very useful over the past couple of decades. You can do warm-ups and exercises to them: from “Time is On My Side” to “19th Nervous Breakdown”, they run the gamut of great songs to stretch and work out to.

“Play with Fire” is great for learning to do martial arts punches properly—nice and slow, with a good one-two-three rhythm on the chorus for low, medium and high punches; while “Paint it Black” gives you a good rhythm to punch to once you’ve got the proper form down. I learned a Pyong form to “Heart of Stone”; and “As Tears Go By” has excellent rhythms for my physical therapy.

They’ve got it all.

No matter what age I am, it's a Stones Age.


Anonymous said...

And when you move to a great tourist destination, and people you haven't heard from in years suddenly want to come and visit you, you can say, "Hey, you, Get off of My Cloud."

Peg said...

Excellent! Thanks for playing.