Sunday, May 6, 2007

Work-related questions

1. If a company keeps you waiting for an interview that they scheduled for a certain time, do you get to come in late that same amount of time on your first day?

2. Do people REALLY care about the format of your resume? I've worked in some cities where they were happy if the applicant could just spell correctly. I've never yet looked at a resume for its format, only for what the person applying for the job can do.

3. Interviewers often ask, "Tell me a negative about yourself." I always answer, "If I'm concentrating on a task, I don't much like to socialize." It seems negative, but can be construed as a positive. But it's not my worst negative.

If I were being truthful, I'd say, "I stink at making decisions, and I'm lousy in a crisis." But who really wants to hear that, and--let's be honest--who REALLY is going to tell something negative about himself in an interview?

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