Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Best Antidepressant? Milk and Cookies

June 1, 2011

Although I go through cycles of energy and autopilot, there are times when I’m stuck even below autopilot. I’m feeling a little blue or out of sorts, and I need a jump-start.

That’s when I go to my emergency back-up plan: Milk and Cookies.

I don’t know why, but they always get me back in gear. I think the milk energizes me—I can practically feel my muscles go sproing! when I down it. And the cookie—let’s face it, the cookie gets me to drink the milk. (Only one cookie, though, or the sugar will negate the positive effects and put me right back down where I started.)

Anyway, once I get the energy boost from the milk, I start moving. I exercise a little, or maybe even finish something on my to-do list. At any rate, I'm not sitting still. The movement and/or the feeling of accomplishment makes me feel better, and things start looking up.

I have no medical credentials, so don’t dump your medication. But maybe you should give this method a try the next time you need a jump-start.

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