Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To the REAL Memories of Dad

June 21, 2011

I keep seeing all these touching things people write about their fathers on Father's Day. Very moving.

OK, so I bought my dad this card for Father’s Day: It has a picture of a guy grilling on the front, with some words (I don’t remember what); and when you open it, Johnny Cash sings, “And I found myself in a burning ring of fire…”

Isn’t it funny when you find out other people’s dads did the same thing yours did, and you realize, Hey! It wasn’t just MY DAD who:

• Charred the meat until a beaver couldn’t gnaw through it
(and poured gasoline on the fire)
• Drove non-stop on trips, because heaven forbid you waste money on motels
• Would never stop for potty breaks on those trips
• Would never leave on time for ANY school event
• Would never go anywhere fun because he didn’t want to deal with the traffic

Those are the cards I like!

Some people also talk about the good advice their fathers gave them. The only advice I ever remember my father giving me was at my sixth grade track meet. As we lined up for the race, Dad said, “Don’t look around, don’t look back, just keep your eye on the finish line.”

And actually, it was pretty good advice.

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