Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going Nuts over Weight-Loss Articles

August 4, 2011

Today on the internet is another one of those “Tips for Losing Weight” articles. I’m sure no one will be surprised that in at least one particular it contradicts other current weight-loss wisdom, to wit: The value of nuts.

Other health and weight-loss articles will tell you that a handful of nuts (no more) make a good snack, being chock full of this, that, and the other thing that is good for you. But they’re high in fat.

This article says to lay off the nuts entirely, although they do have health benefits.

My weight-loss tip:

Read all the articles that are around on weight loss; make a chart or spreadsheet of all the tips; find the contradictions; worry about what you should REALLY do to be healthy. By the time you’ve finished all that, you’ll have been too busy to eat.

Just don’t forget to get up and exercise every now and then.

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