Thursday, August 4, 2011

Potatoes—Friend or Foe?

July 26, 2011

OK, so a study just came out saying that, contrary to a previous study, potatoes are actually bad for you (although they do have some necessary nutrients). Naturally, the potato growers are unhappy. Not just in Idaho, either. Senator Olympia Snow of Maine, the other potato-growing state (who knew?), is also taking issue with the study.

(By the way, potatoes really do increase your sugar count; I can always feel the effect of a potato, even when it’s not loaded with toppings. However, the effect isn’t as bad if I eat the potato skin. Now, that would be a study worth doing—is the potato as bad for you if you eat the whole thing?)

The Los Angeles Times suggested (tongue in cheek) that now maybe there will be a tax on potatoes, similar to the proposed soda tax I griped about in September of 2009 (when I said that if they taxed soda, a whole lot of stuff would be next). (See “Big Food Brother”, posted in January 2010.)

But I say, don’t worry. Just wait a week or two for the next study to come around.

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