Sunday, January 27, 2013

Don't Shoot Your Cause in the Foot

January 27, 2013

I don't want law-abiding citizens to lose the right to bear arms; but I’ve never seen the reason for average people to be carrying around assault weapons; and if Gun-control opponents don't start using some logical arguments, we may very well end up with draconian laws that only help the bad guys. I thought these Anti Gun-control points were interesting:

One is a cartoon of a guy holding up a little old lady with a handgun saying, “Give me all your money! And don’t worry, this gun only holds six bullets, so Andrew Cuomo can’t yell at me.”

With all due respect to the little old lady, since the gun only holds six bullets, at least the guy won’t be taking out her and 70 bystanders…

The other one is an argument that a clip that only holds seven rounds would be hard for hunters who didn’t get the deer with the first shot.

Buddy, if you need more than 7 bullets to get the deer, you should be practicing on the firing range, not in the woods where you could hurt somebody.

So think it through, folks, think it through.


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