Thursday, February 7, 2013

THAT'S Entertainment???

February 5, 2013

Note: If you’re straitlaced, don’t read this. I’m straitlaced, too, but I don’t use euphemisms.

So, I'm watching Beyonce do her stuff at the Superbowl, and this is what's running through my head (all thoughts pretty much simultaneously):

Dancing, excellent

Singing, not so much

Lights pretty good

What's with the underwear style of the clothing? That, combined with the dance, is clearly designed to arouse men. I wonder if it's working. We should survey the men in the stadium and the TV audience and see if they're actually aroused. If they are, why is this a good thing? If not, why is she carrying on this way? And what's in this performance for women? Sure, the dancing's good, but why is it so definitely aimed toward the men? Could she not have had great dance moves and still worn clothes? Is it true that teenage girls use performers as role models? If so, are they picking up the idea that no matter how talented you are, your career will do best if you make men horny?...

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