Friday, February 22, 2013

A Law Enforcement Merit Badge

Feb 20, 2013

I never thought about whether the Girl Scouts paid sales tax on the cookies they sell; but apparently in Idaho (and one other state) they do. Scouting officials say that they fork over about $140,000 each year in sales tax on the cookies.

In February 2011 I wrote that the Idaho State Police had requested an increase on the fee that people convicted of a felony pay, hoping to use the funds for its Training Academy. The legislature turned them down on the grounds that the fee was a tax, and we are opposed to taxes. (“No New Taxes for Felons,” Feb 2, 2011.)

If the Scouts can’t get the legislature to repeal the tax, maybe the state can shift that money to the State Police Training Academy. And the girls who sold the cookies could get a special, Idaho-issued “Law Enforcement Assistance” Merit Badge.


Vicky said...

That's a great idea. If Idaho doesn't believe in taxes, then how come the Scouts are paying sales tax?

Peg said...

Solve that one, and you can get on the mountain next to the "Meaning of Life" guru.