Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keep Your Samsung Microwave Cool

 February 6, 2013

In August 2011 I broke our microwave. Now (a few months past the warranty expiration) our replacement microwave has broken door latches. I looked up online how to fix them, and it is apparently a big problem with Samsung microwaves.

I can’t imagine why nobody’s filed a class-action lawsuit. On TV it’s easy—you just walk into a lawyer’s office and boom! 50 minutes later (plus commercials) you have a multi-million dollar settlement.

The customer service person at Samsung offered two possibilities for the excessive number of broken door latches:

Option 1: Excessive heat can damage the latches.

I pointed out that microwaves are supposed to get hot. So shouldn't Samsung be working on a way to fix this issue?

I then was offered Option 2: Closing the door hard can damage the latches.

It’s not really a slammable door, so that wasn’t a good guess either.

Anyway, we’re replacing our microwave and I’m composing letters to Samsung.


Vicky said...

Good luck with the letter. You may get a 25.00 coupon toward your next purchase.

Peg said...

Huh. That's way more optimistic than I was expecting.