Thursday, March 28, 2013

Parental Guidance

March 26, 2013

A mother reports that at a recent Catholic Schools basketball tournament, the parents were behaving horribly. Parents of the 10-year-old players were screaming at the refs, screaming at their kids to push the opposing 10-year old players out of the way, etc. One father got threatened with ejection.

The final straw, said the mother, came when the woman beside her was screaming at the ref, and a boy behind her, whose sister was playing on the opposing team, pointed out that the woman hadn’t been abusing the ref when her daughter’s team was winning. The woman turned around and said, “You shut your mouth, little man!”

At that point, the appalled mother said, “Really? Today?” (It was Palm Sunday.) “Where is your faith?”

She said that there was a lot more she wanted to say, but she got her point across. The other woman turned red and squirmed and was quieter from that point on.

As I’m hearing this story, I’m hoping 1) That the parents aren’t pressuring their kids like that off the court about sports or anything else, and making their lives a misery; and 2) That the kids don’t grow up to be jerks.

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