Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flexibility is the Key

March 28, 2013

Previously I wrote about Idaho legislators trying to pass a bill that would punish law enforcement officers who complied with (as yet nonexistent) Federal directives to confiscate guns that were deemed to be held illegally. That’s because Idahoans Are Independent; we don’t take orders from The Government.

Well, most of the time.

Now the legislature wants to build a parking garage in downtown Boise to make access to the Capitol easier. The idea has merit, but the City of Boise has turned down the request for various reasons.

SO: The We Don’t Take Orders from the Government legislature is drafting a law to get around the city’s denial, to make the city comply with the state government’s whim.

Kind of like how they got freaked out when the Open Carry right they hold so dear meant someone could bring a gun into the Capitol.

Apparently they are not constrained by consistency.

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