Thursday, April 18, 2013

At the Movies

April 18, 2013

“What a lovely voice you have! Do you use it this much outside the theater?”

“Excuse me! Can we stop the show so these folks can carry on their conversation without all this distracting background noise?”

“Is this conversation private, or can anyone join in?”

“There are twelve people in this theater, and you sat in MY row to talk?”

“Wow! I had no IDEA that a popcorn bag could make that much noise!”

“So—this constant texting is like having your blankie with you, and the glow from the phone screen is your night light?”


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the people who travel back and forth across the row to get in and out multiple times. Either they're in desperate need of snacks, or they have tiny bladders.

Peg said...

This is true. I will NEVER forget the people in our row during "The Avengers", whose main goal for the movie seemed to be to see how many times they could go back and forth before somebody finally beaned them.