Friday, February 14, 2014

Politics Really DOES Make Strange Bedfellows

February 14, 2014

Does anybody else think it’s funny that Statesman reporter Dan Popkey, who almost single-handedly hounded Sen. Larry Craig out of office after Larry’s indiscretion a few years ago, was quoting him this morning to bolster Popkey’s opinion on a matter? Popkey made it sound like ol’ Larry was just a fount of wisdom!

I don’t know how the former senator feels about Popkey’s chutzpah, but I know how I’d feel.

That’s right, Senator—it’s the middle finger...

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Peg said...

I never mentioned that in July of 2014 Dan Popkey went from staunch Liberal to leading the communications team for Tea Party stalwart Raul Labrador. Maybe when he started quoting Larry Craig in a favorable manner it was an indication that he was reconsidering his stance.