Saturday, June 14, 2014

He'll Never Miss It

June 14, 2014             

On June 11 I wrote a post critical of Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis, who stated in a deposition that he wasn’t sure in the 1980s if sex with children was a crime. I expressed my disgust with the Archbishop, and wistfully recalled the days when horsewhipping was still an accepted means of dealing with villains.

However, before I vilify a person, I like to get more details, to make sure I’m not falling for some media feeding frenzy; so I didn’t post the entry right away. And boy, am I glad I waited.

You see, the Archbishop says that he did know that sex with minors was a crime; he just misunderstood the questions put to him in the deposition.

Sir, I think you should donate what’s left of your brain to science so that they can see how a person with no functioning brain cells can still walk and talk.

And do it now. You’ll never miss it.

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