Tuesday, January 17, 2017

He's Taking the Easy Shot

January 17, 2017

Eric Greitens, Missouri’s new governor, is coming in with guns blazing. The man whose campaign ads featured him firing rifles vowed to cut the state budget, and he’s starting with the easy target: Higher Education.

I give Greitens points for not allowing public funding to be used for the proposed soccer stadium; but surely there are other items in the budget that could bear scrutiny as well. Instead of actually studying the budget and reducing waste, he simply picked Higher Education as the default budget-slash item.

Governor, you’re a Rhodes scholar. You of all people know the value of education. Stop firing from the hip and use your head. 

January 18

Now that I’m taking the Twitter challenge, here’s what this post would look like if I tweeted it:

Rhodes scholar elected governor of Missouri, immediately cuts funding to Higher Education.

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