Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get the F Out

August 1, 2013

When we were at the comedy club last week there was a woman whose shtick I really enjoyed. But every once in a while she’d throw in the F-word, for no apparent reason. I wondered if her comedy coach had told her to do it. (It reminded me of how some pastors raise their voices at random points in the sermon because their teachers told them it would help keep the congregation’s attention: Not only is it totally pointless, but it sounds stupid.)

I tried to find her on Facebook or some way to tell her that I’d totally enjoyed the routine WITHOUT the word, but couldn’t. But I’ve gotta be honest: I’ve never heard anybody say, “That routine really would have been top-notch if she’d just thrown in an F-bomb or two.”

(This post is dedicated to Alisha Donahue, who was not voted funniest comic but, in my opinion, should have been.)

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