Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let's Sleep On It

August 28, 2013

Haven’t heard much about the push for electronic textbooks lately, although I’m sure they’re still in the works. And college students are required to have computers for their schoolwork these days.

What I want to know is,  if looking at electronic screens within an hour before bedtime really messes up sleep the way studies show it does;

And if teens and college students are already sleep deprived, the way studies show they are;

And students are doing lots of activities after school and not getting to homework until later…

What will be the best way for high-school and college students to get their homework done?

(Parent: “Can you explain these grades?”

College student: “Well, I couldn’t study right before bedtime, so I decided to relax at the bar.”)

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Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard about the studies concerning screens and sleep, but like the idea of needing a bar to study! : )