Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Right to Feel Uncomfortable

August 10, 2013

Some woman was nursing her baby (uncovered) in a Chik Fil A, and an employee asked her to do it in private, as it was making the other patrons uncomfortable. So other moms staged a “nurse in”, and the restaurant management apologized.

I don’t get why people aren’t supposed to feel uncomfortable about seeing women nursing. All our lives we’re taught, “Don’t expose, don’t look”; we’re conditioned, in fact, to avoid public nudity; yet suddenly everyone is supposed to be OK with seeing a woman’s bare breast, just because she has a tiny human attached to it.

Sure it’s natural; but so are lots of other things, and yet we have doors on bathrooms and bedrooms. So if she couldn’t nurse covered up because her baby didn’t like it, why couldn’t she excuse herself?

And why does everything have to be a war? Why can’t people meet each other halfway?

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