Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Hidden Hazard of Coaching

April 29, 2014

I never really thought about one of the challenges faced by athletic coaches until I started my martial arts class—but it’s a doozy: 

Biorhythms. They can really take a toll on your ability.

There are 8 classes each month, and for three of them I don’t really feel like going. Most of the time I go anyway, and sometimes it turns out to be a good thing, and sometimes it doesn’t. The last two times I've been pathetic.

“Go home and practice!” says the teacher at the end of class; and I want to snarl, "I have been practicing!" because I've practiced this form at least 150 times. But you'd never know it. 

So, multiply this phenomenon by the number of people on a team, and it’s amazing that the team can get anything done. If only one person on a softball team is having an off day at each practice, it can still impact the team pretty strongly.

So, my hat is off to all you coaches (and to the athletes who make it work). Good luck!

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