Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And In This Corner...

September 9, 2014

A sports matchup I'd like to see:

Ray Rice vs. Miss USA

NFL-er Ray Rice is in trouble for beating his then-fiancee (who subsequently married him, but that's another story).

Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, is a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do.

Maybe if they went a few rounds it would provide the answers to some questions I have:

1. Why don't the sportswriters who tsk-tsk about athletes abusing women write articles highlighting women in martial-arts and self-defense spheres?

2. Why don't parents send their daughters to self-defense classes?The fact that Miss USA can take care of herself should ease any fears they might have that actually being able to take care of themselves would somehow make their daughters less "feminine."

3. Why aren't martial arts teachers standing on the corner with megaphones yelling, "Step right up!"--or at least writing guest columns in the local newspaper encouraging parents to do the right thing?

In the meantime, let's get this match started.

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